Welcome Back, Potter

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Finally, the last book on the Harry Potter series is out. I'm sure that by now, someone out there didn't sleep a wink as soon as they got their copy of the book and seriously thumb their way thru every page afraid that they will miss anything if they stop reading.

Judging from daughter, Dominique's reaction, this book is a page turner and she even had to stop reading every now and then cause the emotion gets the better of her. Now, this reaction is coming from somebody who is the epitome of coolness and seldom losing her poise in extreme situations. Now if it were my eldest daughter, Karrol, I wouldn't be surprise since they are poles apart.

But anyways, Dominique plans to stay up late and try to get as far as she can with the book.


Wow, sweetie! Does this mean I would be more encourage to join the clan to read rather than enjoy my naptime?

Years would go by before I'll be done even with one chapter......really, really challenged!!!


everyone's saying it's exciting.. and ive heard about good reviews of the said book.


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