Hari Puttar... (Harry Potter-Bollywood style)

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I was browsing the web when I happen to see this parody of Harry Potter. I loved it and wanted to share it with you. If you appreciate "Bollywood" movies and understand the nuances of dancing and the singing that is always incorporated in these films, you will find this movie amusing...


Thanks fot you work and have a good weekend

Hey this is the guy who made the Hari Puttar spoof. Thanks for your comment on YouTube and for linking to the video. It was great fun to make and I am glad you enjoyed it. ~ p

David, thanks for the visit to my blog. I'm glad that you like this Harry Potter parody that I found on the web. BTW, my daughter was in Portugal last March and she loved it there. It was a very memorable trip that will be etched in her memory for a long time.

Hello P, I hope that you will make more bollywood movies... Thanks for sharing your talent.


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