"River Dance" is back

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River Dance, the highly acclaimed and world-wide famous theatrical show which had its start as an intermission number for the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest held on April 30th of that year is back. With limited performances in various North American cities, this song, dance and music production will be regaling viewers once again of the talents and skills of its performers.

We didn't have the chance to see it live when they had their performance before but this time my youngest daughter, Dominique, wanted to see it so badly that she offered to pay for the tickets. It must have left a very good impression on my girls because they don't mind watching it again whenever it is shown during PBS's membership recruitment season. We were only able to watch the show during its special run at the PBS channel. During that time, my girls were still young then but I guess that the show must have left a big impression on them. So last Friday, I went to the ticketing office at the Wang Theatre here in Boston to buy our tickets for next Saturday's matinee show.

We plan to make it a "family day" out and have dinner afterwards at a restaurant in Chinatown which, thankfully, is just a few short walk from the theatre district. I can't wait myself to see this show live and in person. I am sure that this will evoke the same excitement and thrill that one feels whenever one watches this show. If there are shows worth watching in one's lifetime, this would be one of them... Meanwhile, here's a clip to remind you how good the show is.


mhmm that sounds interesting... wish we have shows like that over here


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