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I first heard KT Tunstall on the 93.5 FM, the River, singing "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. I thought at first that it was a strange title for a song. However, who am I to question the artist's choice of song titles or lyrics. Songs, like any other kind of art, most likely are always a form of self-expression. No wonder, once an artist starts to give in to what others think they should be doing and not follow their instincts loses their soul and their music. I just hope that these new batch of talented and upcoming artists wouldn't succumb to such pressures from recording companies, fashion and the general entertainment industry.

Songs included in this week's playlist are:
  1. Suddenly I See
  2. Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
  3. Another Place to Fall
  4. Other Side of the World
  5. Under the Weather


love that song

glad you like the song. i'd like to use this as background music soon...


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