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Jason Mraz is one very talented young singer and prolific songwriter. Eversince his song "The Remedy" came out, I got hook on his music. The kid can really write songs with lyrics as catchy, lyrical, sometimes funny and sometimes philosophical. It's so hard to place his genre (or maybe it's just me?) because his songs can have a jazzy beat to it. But regardless of what it is, his music is worth listening to whether you're a teen or a 'tween. His website offers more insight on the man and another fan site gives you a fan's perspective. If you watch the youtube video of Jason Mraz you will see another side of him and as it turns out his music was highly influenced by jazz artist Tom Scott.

The songs I have included for this week's playlist are:
  1. You and I Both
  2. The Remedy
  3. No Stopping Us
  4. Clockwatching
  5. Common Pleasure
  6. Curbside Prophet
  7. No Doubling Back
  8. 1,000 Things
  9. The Boy's Gone
  10. Wordplay


Hello Serey! Was late to comment on this one.. i love Jason Mraz! Mas okay nga lang to listen to his CDs na lang kasi when he performed here, mediocre performance nya! Parang kulang sa tulog hehe


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