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Who else would get another award for his excellent and valuable service to his department but none other than my very hard-working, loyal and dedicated husband, Domingo. Last Monday, the 16th of October, they had a staff meeting but he had completely forgotten all about it and he missed the part where he was supposed to be given his "reward" as the department's token of appreciation for his valuable service. He was given a $100.00 gift card for any purchase at Barnes & Noble bookstore for which, yours truly is so very thankful because I could buy myself & my daughters (the bookworms in the family) more books to add to our library. Now isn't it just right that the wife should also get a reward? There is a saying that behind every man's success is a loving and nurturing wife and partner. Thanks, hubby for the gift card!!! Congratulations, for getting another award this year.

*Caption says "I want my money NOW!"


Yay! So nice! :) Congratulations!

Wow! Congrats to your hubby! And to you na rin... hahaha Daya, you got the reward! ;)

Thank you Tina and Sasha for your warm greetings sabi ng hubby ko. OO nga, madaya coz last year, he also got another gift card for the MIT Coop bookstore wherein he didn't get anything for himself but instead got a nice MIT sweatshirt for our eldest daughter, Karrol. I told him that he better start giving out hints that the next time he gets a reward, a restaurant gift card would make him happy.


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