to nap or not to nap...

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I've been wanting to change my blog template for weeks now and today I decided to do some experimenting. I went to wannabegirl's site to start my own template and I was successful in my attempt to do so but I need to do some more minor and not so major tweakings on my part. However, I started feeling like a headache is coming so I just decided to postpone this major task for another day.....sigh! Been with the computer since 9 this morning and although I took like an hour's break to eat breakfast, it is almost 3 PM. Too much energy from all over the place bombarding me directly and my body is at the moment very much vulnerable to it. Sleep/nap might be the best remedy for me as it has worked for me more times than I can even remember.



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Big hugs and lots of kisses to my daughter, Karrol, for re-designing my blogsite. She is responsible for making my blog look cool... If you want to check out her own blog, visit K-Dream Palace and her contributing articles at AATheory.