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These are pretty exciting times for me and my husband. Last weekend, we received a call from a close friend's sister, Ruby Arico, who now lives in Vancouver, B.C. and she is visiting the northeastern part of the USA and wishes to visit with us during the latter part of August. Of course, my husband and I would welcome the visit since we haven't seen each other for years. These are the kind of friends whom though you may not have been in close contact with for a long, long time but you just pick up where you left off.

Today, another friend of ours, Nazie Besana, just called us out of the blue and I couldn't believe my ears when my husband mentioned his name for this is someone who promise not to set foot here in the US of A. But I guess that things change and life happens. I was so happy to hear news of how his life has turned around and most importantly the happiness that he shares with his own family.

Late this evening, as I managed to catch up with my emails, I got another set of photographs from a former student, Jun Soriano, and now also a good friend of mine who never forgets to send me short messages just to say hi or hello every now and then.

These people are connected to us thru the place where my husband and I used to work, EARIST (Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology). EARIST holds a special place in our hearts for this is where both my husband and I had our very first jobs, met and got married, developed strong and hopefully lasting friendships and found our opportunities for the outside world.

I am hoping that we would be able to reconnect with these close friends just to be able to experience the good old days which we need once in awhile to reminisce those wondrous times of shared fun, laughter, tears and kinship.



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