Fatboy Slim's " The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder" album

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Whoever listens to Fatboy Slim's "Rockafeller Skank" wouldn't be able to contain themselves on their sits. The music is so infectious that even if you just start at first with bobbing your head and shaking your shoulders, soon enough your whole body will be gyrating to the beat of the techno-instruments.

I won't say more since you'd be able to goggle more about Fatboy Slim and wikipedia does a good job too. Or better yet, visit his website at and hear a sampling of his music in the greatest hits album. I'm already in love with this album...


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Hello Serey...Thanks for visiting my blog...Adding music is easy...actually there is a video on my blog.....(it is at the bottom of the screen) the easiest way to add a video is to go back to my blog...scroll down to the bottom of the page where my video is...and click on the will take you to another browser page with (I think it is video source...) once you get on the video source home page...and you can choose which video you want to add to your blog....once you find the music you have to plug in the html script into the actual template of the is not that hard...but if you have anymore questions feel free to email me...


....The Dredlocs in Kimono....

==jologs wave==

ewan ko ba pero
d ko talaga gusto
ung fat boy slim
peace out (^_^)


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