Top Ten Dinner for AHS 2006 Graduates (May 22, 2006)

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On this day or rather night, my husband and I together with our youngest daughter, D, went to a "Top Ten Dinner" hosted by the school for the top ten students of the graduating class of 2006. The Amesbury Highschool started this tradition five years ago and continues to celebrate and honor the best in their school. This was our second time, since we also went last year for our eldest daughter K.

This year, they held the celebration at Ristorante Molise ( in Amesbury, MA. This place is just a year old in Amesbury and exudes pure class. The affair was held on a Monday, since they are usually close on Mondays but where gracious enough to open their doors for that day to accommodate the event for AHS. It was really nice to have the place to ourselves and concentrate on this very important event.

The night started with pictures being taken of the top ten students while their parents, teachers, school administrators and other invited sponsors and guests started with the appetizers of bruschetta and mozzarella cheese sticks. Though I didn't try the bruschetta (since I didn't want to ruin my appetite) my husband said it was just perfect. I had a piece of the mozarella cheese and it was really soft and yummy. You can tell that just by taking a bite that it was freshly made and not frozen.

The buffet soon started afterwards and we have a choice of green salads with in-house vinagrette, meatballs, chicken with penne pasta(Pollo Molise), ravioli and baked haddock fish. All in all the food is worth driving to Amesbury and enjoying whatever Amesbury town has to offer. You may also visit Cider Hill Farm ( and try the best tasting donuts you'll ever have (cider donuts).

After dinner, AHS principal, Mr. Les Murray started the program by giving thanks and appreciation to this year's generous sponsors and all the AHS administrators who put this event together. Dean of Students, Mr. David Bailey and Director of Curriculum, Mr. Roy Hammond took turns in introducing the top ten students together with the teachers whom the students invited to also be honored together with them.

Each student gets to ask one of the teachers/faculty who they think was very instrumental in their success in school. My daughter chose Mrs. Maureen Boody who was her Spanish teacher and is her yearbook adviser eversince she joined the yearbook. Mrs. Boody was also my eldest daughter's choice last year, too.

According to my daughter, the reason why she chose Mrs. Boody was:

"Despite the fact that we still use the old methods of yearbook publishing, you were able to handle each of the extra activities in your life. During those yearbook periods, I realized how crucial it was for you to balance your life with school, family, dance, etc. In my mind, you became an example of how I wanted to live my life. You are a model citizen, active in both the community and in your personal life. Even with all your commitments, you always have the heart to follow through."

Mrs. Boody in turn presented my daughter with a scrapbook by highlighting her name with all the qualities that she thinks befits her character:

D- ear
O- pen-minded
M- emorable
I- nstrumental
N- atural
I- ntelligent
Q- uintessential
U- nderstanding
E- xcellent

This scrapbook is filled with memorabilia that Mrs. Boody has kept and saved for occasions such as this. For parents like us, it was kind of surreal to hear of someone singing praises of your own child. My husband and I couldn't be more proud of my daughter that night.

Students and teachers honored that night were:

  • Shiyang Wang (Valedictorian) - Mrs. Laurie Pancoast (AP Biology)
  • Kate Morris (Salutatorian) - Mrs. Jeanne Brockmyre (English)
  • Aline Babine (3rd Honor) - Mr. Steve Bastien
  • Thomas Schwartz (4th Honor) - Ms. Barbara Leary (Math)
  • Dominique Altarejos (5th Honor) - Mrs. Maureen Boody (Yearbook & Spanish)
  • Mike Mirandi (6th Honor) - Mr. Les Harris (former middle school drum teacher)
  • Meghan Kezer (7th Honor) - Mrs. Kristin Walsh (AP US History)
  • Tom Hill (8th Honor) - Mrs. Patricia Gallagher (English)
  • Caroline Brockmyre (9th Honor) - Mrs. Sharon Sellars (English & retiring this year)
  • Tim Van Wart (10th Honor) - Mrs. Gail Lisauskas (Math)

This was followed after with a presentation of the "Starfish" pin to the teachers, school officials and the mayor for making a difference in the life of the students in AHS. I will blog about this starfish story next time.



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