Soles of Haverhill... That's what's happening in Haverhill, Massachusetts

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The town of Haverhill, Massachusetts came together this year and decided to hold an art event to be participated by the community. As written in their mission statement:

Soles of Haverhill “Shoe-la-bration” presents a genuine opportunity to be involved with a first-time community art celebration event. The community will be involved in an unforgettable experience: participating in a high-profile public art display that captures the imagination of thousands of people, encourages a community sense of well being, and supports local non-profit organizations, local artists and civic involvement.

3 years ago, Boston hosted the "cow parade" wherein cows made of fiberglass material were turned into a work of art based on the artists interpretations.

Though we live in Haverhill, we really did not know anything about the community project if it were not that one day we had to do errands in town and passing through Washington St in downtown Haverhill, a huge shoe display caught my eye prominently displayed on the sidewalk. At first I couldn't believe my eyes but when I saw not only 1 but 3 more, I told my hubby that we just had to go downtown on the weekend so I could take photos.

And so, last Saturday after doing errands at the Post Office, hubby and I took some time on Washington St. photographing  shoes... no, its not because I have an unknown number pair of footwear myself that would put Imelda to shame that peaked my interest but because of the art work itself (touche). For real!!!!

Here are some photos that we took:


The information on the web, mentioned that there are 15 shoes displayed around Haverhill and I only saw 4. Hmmm! I guess that this calls for another trip around the town this weekend. The shoes will be on display from July to October and will later be auctioned off on October 24th. Don't miss these works of art... it's worth the trip to Haverhill.


It's funny work.
Your imagination includes a satire and a jest.
Your husband look warm, so good.



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