Boston's Restaurant Week 2007- August 5th thru the 17th

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The month of August holds an event around Boston which is much-awaited by many Bostonians as well as anybody who loves to dine. It is called Boston's Restaurant Week. This week long event started about 4 years ago (?) and the premise is that participating restaurants in the Boston area would offer a fix-price 3 course meal (mainly consisting of your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert). Prices for lunch is about $20.07 per person and dinner is $33.07 (excluding beverage, tax and gratuity). Most of the participants are high-end restaurants and sometimes not affordable by a lot of diners. This kind of event offers the individual who's watching their wallets the opportunity to get into these fancy restaurants and enjoy dishes prepared by chefs who made a name for themselves by their culinary expertise and uniqueness. This is also a great way for foodies to sample new restaurants and check out their menus. This week long event has grown to 2 weeks by popular demand and lately, I also found out that they have another restaurant week during the winter time (when the usual going out to dine seems to slow down due to the winter weather).

I'd had my first experience of restaurant week about 3 years ago when our office decided to do lunch together away from the office cafeteria. We chose Anthony's Pier 4 since it wasn't a long drive from work. Anthony's is very famous in Boston with its great offerings of fresh seafood all cooked, baked and deep-fried to your taste. A testament to its greatness are the hundreds of celebrities and political bigwigs that has visited the restaurant. If you need more proof, check out the 4 walls of the restaurant with its gallery of photos including the owner Anthony with his celebrity guests. The last time I was there, the restaurant has an unpretentious look and feel to it but what gives it away as more than a seafood place was its white-cloth laden tables with real china plates, silverwares and crystal glasses. Another plus factor for Anthony's is their available parking which is very important for a great dining experience (you don't want to be eating and at the same time wondering if your car has already been towed). And last but not the least, Anthony's is a waterfront restaurant where most of the time you will have a great view of Boston's harbor wherever you are seated.

This year, my daughters, Dominique and Karrol, wanted to try one of this restaurants. They also pointed out that this would be a good time to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary since after next week, we would all be busy with other things before they go back to school. After some careful deliberations online (check the participating restaurants' lunch menu and other considerations like ambiance, parking and recommendations) we decided on Sel De la Terre. We made reservations for next Sunday, the 12th and then hopefully walk towards the North End for more food experience. I will let you know how this will all turn out after next week...



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